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Salty Dong

(Vodka Grapefruit)saltydong

Difficulty: Not Hard
Prep Time: 5 minutes (requires pre-freezing ice form)
Serves: 2


2 shots premium vodka
12 oz grapefruit juice
Kosher salt (to rim glass)
2 large reservoir-tipped condoms
1 lime, sliced
Glass: Tall Rocks


Several hours before serving, fill two non-lubricated condoms with water, remove all
air and tie off like a water balloon. Roll each water-filled condom in a soft towel (this
eliminates a flat-sided freeze) and place in freezer.  Wet the rim of 2 tall rocks glasses
and dip into kosher salt to rim glass. When frozen, cut condoms off formed ice dongs
and place one in glass.  Mix 2 shots of vodka and grapefruit juice into small pitcher of
ice. Strain mixture into the cocktail glass with ice dongs and slice of lime.  VOILA.

She Said: Look out! This cocktail can be a real face slapper!