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Sexy Toy and Tonic


(Hendrick’s G&T)

Difficulty: Not Hard
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2


Hendrick’s gin
3 large cucumbers
12 oz. Schweppes tonic


Cut a large chilled cucumber in half, crosswise. Then hollow out the cucumber halves of the seeds and pulp (a potato peeler & pairing knife works well). Do not dig too close to the bottom of cucumber: Stop 1” from base.  Then make a level cut at the outside base of cucumber, creating a flat surface so the cucumber can stand upright like a glass (careful not to cut into the cucumber pulp area at this end; this will cause it to leak)  Slice the second cucumber lengthwise. Remove the pulp. Slice into stir-stick size lengths.  Mix your gin and tonic in a small pitcher with ice. Potency of cocktail is your call (want to loosen her up?) Strain cocktail into standing cucumber
and garnish with cucumber stir stick.  CHEERS! Of course, the chalice is edible.

He Said: Hendrick’s Gin is always garnished with cucumber, not a lime, which makes
this unique cocktail a wonderful presentation.

She Said: Plus, a cucumber has a multitude of uses… if you know what I mean.